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Medela Calma 連奶樽 240 ml*2

Medela Calma 連奶樽 240 ml*2

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Calma,為您的孩子哺乳後為您的孩子提供的唯一餵養解決方案,但並不總是可以將您的寶寶帶到乳房。 這為那些仍想用母乳喂養嬰兒的母親提供了解決方案。 這種餵養方案允許嬰兒保持他們在乳房獲得的吸吮行為。 寶寶可以喝酒,呼吸,並定期休息。 它有利於乳房和瓶子之間的過渡,特別是返回乳房。 相同的尖端尺寸適合整個母乳喂養期,如母乳喂養的情況。 Calma是所有正在尋找可以將母乳喂養和奶瓶餵養相結合的理想飲食的母親的解決方案。 無論您是用Calma餵養嬰兒還是直接餵養乳房,都必須為母乳產生真空。 一旦停頓,流動就會像乳房一樣停止。 寶寶保持其天然的吸吮節奏,可以更容易地回到乳房。

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Medela Calma Feeding Solution

Calma is a feeding solution designed for breastfed babies. It does not interfere with breastfeeding, and lets your baby feed in a similar way that it learned at the breast. The Calma method is just like breastfeeding, because your baby:

- Can drink, pause and breathe in a natural rhythm, remaining calm and settled, just like on the breast

- Needs to create a vacuum to start the milk flow, just like he/she does while breastfeeding

- Continues its natural way of sucking, allowing an easy transition from breast to Calma and back to breast again

Calma helps the baby to avoid ingesting air during the feed with a specially designed venting system. While the principle of venting is similar to other teats, Calma is regulated by a venting system that works every time, regardless of how tightly it is secured to the baby feeding bottle. Babies will be more likely to feed calmly, in their own natural rhythm.

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How is Calma different from other teats?

Each baby can synchronise individually with Calma. When breastfeeding, each baby’s natural rhythm for sucking is unique but they all need to create a vacuum to remove milk from the breast Calma also allows the baby to keep its own, natural rhythm of suckling and to create a vacuum for the milk to flow. This similarity between breastfeeding and suckling with Calma means that the baby can easily return to mother’s breast and enjoy breastfeeding benefits and bonding for longer.

In contrast, conventional nipples change the mechanics of how your baby feeds, so it has to learn a new feeding method. As this usually requires less sucking effort, your baby may find it easier and over time be unwilling to go back to breastfeeding which requires more effort.

One size and shape fits all. The flow, shape and length of Calma are designed to suit your baby's needs as they grow. With Calma your baby can continuously adjust the feed to their changing needs. So instead of comparing and searching for different teat shapes and sizes, you can buy the one-size-fits-all Calma. Just don’t forget to replace Calma every three months to ensure the highest hygienic standards for your baby.

Tips and Tricks to Support of New and Experienced Mums

It’s quite normal for your baby to be a bit fussy in the beginning when introduced to Calma; after all, this could be the first time it has come into contact with something other than the mother’s breast. While to us Calma looks perfectly normal, to your baby, it doesn’t smell, taste or feel like its mother’s breast. So have patience and try these tips:

- Let another adult (other than the mother) do the first feed with Calma.

- Hold your baby in a different position to how it feeds at the breast to establish a new way of feeding

- Dip the tip of Calma’s silicone part into the expressed breastmilk before starting the feed

- Hold Calma at an angle of about 45 degrees to your baby’s lower lip

- To encourage your baby to open its mouth to take Calma, stimulate the baby’s lip as you would with breastfeeding

- When your baby opens its mouth, place Calma on the tip of its tongue and do not push Calma in - your baby will take Calma in as far as it needs, just as it learned on the breast

- During the entire feeding process, leave Calma in the position your baby has chosen and do not interrupt the process

Don’t give up on Calma as it may take several tries for your baby to learn how to use it. If your baby has already used another teat, be aware that Calma works differently. Calma’s milk flow is controlled by the interaction between the way your baby sucks and the milk-flow control system. It is quite unlike a conventional teat – so just be patient.

A Feeding Solution Developed with Breastfeeding Experts

Studies by researchers from the University of Western Australia showed that creating a vacuum is essential for successful breastfeeding. Babies learn early on that they have to produce a vacuum with their sucking in order for the breastmilk to flow. This same natural way of creating a vacuum when sucking also applies when they use Calma. Before the Calma was released, the researchers examined it and verified its similarity to breastfeeding.

Medela Family

The Medela family company, headquartered in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland, was founded by Olle Larsson in 1961. Medela concentrates on two business units: 'Breastfeeding', with fundamental research that is recognised globally and leading in the development and manufacture of breastfeeding products, and 'Healthcare', engineering and manufacturing highly innovative medical vacuum technology solutions. Medela has 18 subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia, distributes its products in over 90 countries, and employs 1,500 staff worldwide.

Health conscious mothers know it is important to buy BPA-free products for their babies. All Medela products that come into contact with breastmilk are proven to be safe for babies, made from polypropylene.



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